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BlackBerry SHIELD

Mobility Services Best Practices Assessment

Identify and Address Your Cyber Risk Exposure Head-On

Allied World Cyber policyholders receive access to FrameWRX(SM) as part of their policy, at no additional cost. The FrameWRX cyber risk management platform now includes direct access to the BlackBerry® Mobility Services Best Practices online assessment.

Managing Your Mobility Security Risk

Regardless of vertical, Enterprise IT must get mobility security right, before misunderstood risk creeps in. It’s important to identify any cyber risk exposure so it can be understood and addressed.

That’s where the BlackBerry SHIELD Mobile Security Best Practices Assessment comes in. BlackBerry has combined 15+ years of experience in mobile security with other leading best practice frameworks to create the vendor-agnostic BlackBerry SHIELD.

Start Your Free Assessment

Start your own free assessment online with 10 carefully-designed questions. Once complete, an BlackBerry Security expert will be in touch with your assessment results, along with suggestions for reducing your cyber risk exposure.

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What the Online BlackBerry SHIELD Assessment Covers

The online assessment questions are designed to help you quickly identify key cybersecurity concerns at a high level, using a small number of straightforward questions.

The assessment is intentionally and exclusively focused on mobile security best practices, so it can complement other security assessments while avoiding overlap or distractions. The questions cover an extensive set of interlocking mobility concerns from devices, to apps, to controls, policies, and procedures.

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