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SHIELDS UP: Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Prepare Your Organization for Potential Cyberattacks

CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) warns that cyberattacks could target U.S. infrastructure. These resources can help your organization take a “shields up” approach to prevent disruptive cyber incidents.

BlackBerry Offers Free Malware Detection to U.S. Government and Financial Institutions to Combat Potential Cyber Escalation

Latest Malware News

Russian DCRat Offers Backdoor Bargains

DCRat (also known as DarkCrystal RAT) is a commercial Russian backdoor released in 2018, then redesigned and relaunched a year later. 

BlackGuard Infostealer Rises from Russian Underground Markets

BlackGuard is one of the latest .NET-based information-stealers to rise to prominence in Russian underground markets.

SunSeed Malware Targets Ukraine Refugee Aid Efforts

European personnel assisting refugees fleeing from Ukraine are being targeted by a threat group called Ghostwriter.

HermeticWiper Targets Ukraine Defenses

Ukraine is being subjected to numerous cyberattacks aimed at crippling its infrastructure. HermeticWiper is one of the latest.

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Cybersecurity’s Great Equalizer Is Predictive AI: A Conversation with CISO John McClurg

The Chief Information Security Officer discusses the Great AI Equalizer, more effective cybersecurity directions for SMBs, and a supply chain security lesson he learned on the roads of Romania.

Protecting Your Organization in Times of Crisis: A Conversation with Cyber CTO Shishir Singh

The new CTO for the cybersecurity business at BlackBerry discusses the potential impact of overseas military actions on the cybersecurity of domestic organizations. 

BlackBerry Statement on Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

Posted March 2, 2022

Following Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine, BlackBerry has decided to cease all business activities in Russia with immediate effect. This includes ceasing supporting existing customers, transactions with prospective customers, and access to our products in Russia. We will revisit this decision in the future as the situation evolves.

Additionally, given the urgent need for humanitarian aid in Ukraine, we will be working with charities responding to the crisis.

We applaud the bravery of the Ukrainian people, who are defending their homeland and fighting for the future of democracy for us all. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.