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The Power of Partnership: Viperline Solutions and BlackBerry's Game-Changing Cybersecurity Alliance

“I’m constantly testing new cybersecurity solutions — I have vendors coming to me asking me to evaluate their products. I chose CylanceENDPOINT because it was best-in-class and still is. It’s two products that work perfectly in concert for a customer’s cybersecurity needs.”
— Kevin Sena, Founder & CEO, Viperline Solutions

In today’s security landscape, all businesses need 24/7 monitoring. Every organization needs the ransomware protection and around the clock security operations center (SOC) delivers, but most are not in a position to build one. That’s where Viperline Solutions comes in. Founded in 2008, the Alabama-based cybersecurity company has a long history of providing incident response, penetration testing, and network security services.

Roughly three years ago, Viperline branched out, creating a services division known as Decept10. Its core offering is a next-generation breach detection platform and SOC that combines unique deception technology with 24/7 network and endpoint protection customized to each client’s cybersecurity needs.

CylanceENDPOINT™ represents a foundational component of this SOC — and Viperline’s partnership with BlackBerry has been beneficial for both parties.

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100,000+ endpoints under management

Zero ransomware attacks over seven years

Full endpoint monitoring, network monitoring, and cyber forensics

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In 2018, one of Viperline’s clients was hit with a new strain of Emotet.

In 2018, one of Viperline’s clients was hit with a new strain of Emotet.

The client, a K-12 school district with over 3000 endpoints and servers, found itself facing a potential crisis when its existing endpoint security solution was unable to stop the ransomware’s spread. It contacted Viperline requesting assistance with containment and incident response. Viperline, which had already been evaluating BlackBerry Cylance at the time, took the opportunity to reach out.  

The BlackBerry Incident Response team swiftly cleaned up the attack, and a lasting partnership was born. 

“I remember calling BlackBerry and telling them what was going on, and they told me they’d cracked the new ransomware variant three days ago,” recalls Sena. “Working together, we implemented CylanceENDPOINT across the district. To this day, the customer is still using that solution — they trust in BlackBerry, and they know that our partnership allows us to support them in every way possible.”

Building a Unique Partnership

After its success with the school district, Viperline became a CylanceENDPOINT Channel Partner, reselling the software to its clients. But the relationship didn’t end there. When the company began building out its services division roughly three years later, it knew it would need an endpoint security and digital forensics solution. For Sena, BlackBerry® software was the obvious choice. 

“We already monitored network traffic, but we didn’t have BlackBerry’s 24/7 endpoint security,” he explains. “We recognized that CylanceENDPOINT would work in perfect concert with us. It would allow us to give prospective customers an experience that was both better and more cost-effective than nearly anything they might already have in place.” 

Technical merits were not the only reason Viperline chose BlackBerry

Technical merits were not the only reason Viperline chose BlackBerry

Access to BlackBerry’s MSSP training for CylanceENDPOINT also proved valuable for the company. Because Sena and his team had direct access to comprehensive education and information on CylanceENDPOINT, they were able to integrate the solution into their SOC at the highest possible level and deliver it directly to customers as part of their XDR service. 

“Because we work with BlackBerry, our customers get a more technically advanced product backed by our expertise in tuning it,” Sena explains. “When you bring that to market, it’s almost impossible to get a better overall solution at a better price.” 

“BlackBerry has been incredibly partner friendly,” he continues. “Our Channel Partner representatives feel like an extension of our team. They loop us in on strategic planning, they let us know about market opportunities, and we have regular forecast calls; working with them has been excellent.” 

Building the Best Possible Cybersecurity Experience

In today’s complex threat landscape, businesses need to ensure 24/7 security from the endpoint to the network’s edge. With BlackBerry, Viperline has built an offering that does exactly that.

“Getting hit by ransomware really is like ripping out your company’s heart,” says Sena. “It can take months or even years to recover, and some businesses never do. By partnering with us and our XDR powered by BlackBerry, that’s no longer a concern.” 

“I firmly believe that if everyone were to implement CylanceENDPOINT, ransomware would be dead,” he adds. 


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