Pandemic Management for Employers

Simplify Health Tracking and Work Availability

The COVID-19 pandemic showed commercial and government organizations they need a simple, secure way to collect health status and availability of employees and other personnel. Whether to comply with a government mandate or implement a workplace policy, leaders need visibility into vaccination metrics for decision-making and mass notification for real-time coordination. Employees expect a seamless process they can trust to keep their personal information private.

How Vaccination Tracking Works

When public health requires it, automate vaccination tracking through BlackBerry® AtHoc®, and you can:

Track data that changes over time, such as vaccination status

Ensure data privacy and security

Minimize administrative time collecting health data

Automate communication workflows with set templates

Target recipients based on individual and group attributes

Access detailed reporting and analytics

Drive informed management decision making

Integrate with human resources and other enterprise systems

Respond to dynamic situations in real time. Avoid business disruption and risk to people, assets, facilities, and your supply chain.

End-to-End Health Data Management

BlackBerry critical event management solutions help employers manage public health outbreaks in any workplace.

Plan, Respond, and Collaborate

Centralize and automate your approach to vaccine management with the capability to collect, track, and report on health data.

Notify Anyone on Any Device

Communicate targeted information with anyone, anytime, anywhere while everyone uses their preferred devices to update vaccination status and contact information.

Capture Critical Information

Eliminate error-prone manual processes and offer pick-list options.

Real-Time Visibility of Personnel Safety

Attain real-time visibility into your health metrics in a dashboard and roll-up reports to support management decision-making and business continuity.

Stay Ready

Consistent communication

Keep your staff and visitors up to date on:

  • Health and safety guidance
  • Vaccination policies
  • Heath checks and testing procedures
  • Public health threats

Situational awareness

Make decisions in real time based on:

  • Vaccination status
  • Test results
  • Health checks
  • Contact tracing

Business continuity

Minimize workplace disruptions by:

  • Knowing who can safely work on site
  • Protecting individually identifiable health information
  • Improving employee retention

Dashboard and Mobile Views

Dashboard and Mobile Views

BlackBerry Can Help

BlackBerry has the expertise and resources to get your health status tracking capability up and running in days, so you can focus less on administration and more on running your business. We provide:

  • Customizable health tracking
  • A highly secure cloud-hosted or on-premises solution
  • Customizable workflows, message templates, and data attributes
  • A solution configured for your organization’s requirements
  • Operator training, user instructions, and report customizations
  • 24x7x365 customer service and support from a dedicated account relationship manager

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