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Business Continuity Resources

Business Continuity Resources for COVID-19

Due to the global pandemic, business workflows and processes have been disrupted. We’ve compiled several resources to help your organization navigate the changed workplace. 

Simplify Vaccination Tracking and Improve Decision-Making

BlackBerry® critical event management solutions can help you manage changing work procedures, COVID-19 vaccination status tracking, testing, and contact tracing—to maintain business continuity.

Securely Enable Your Remote Workforce

With users working remotely and using their own devices, the risk of a breach dramatically increases. Protect your organization.


How to Effectively Secure Your Remote Workforce

White Paper

Seven Strategies to Securely Enable Remote Workers


Providing Secure Remote Access for Employees and Contractors


Five Tips for Managing Remote Workers During a Pandemic

Case Study

Citi Orient Securities Improves Efficiency and Enhances Security


7 Tips for Remote and Traveling Workers to Stay Secure

Case Study

Insurance Provider Uses BlackBerry UEM to Connect its Workforce

Case Study

The Oslo Stock Exchange Made a Smart Trade for Better Security

451 Research Report

BlackBerry Launches Digital Workplace 

BlackBerry® Digital Workplace offers simple and secure access to PIM, desktops, apps and files from any device. Equip your workforce with the resources it needs to be productive on managed or unmanaged devices, with a robust self-contained platform that’s continuously protected from evolving cyberthreats.

Crisis Communications and Response

Protect your workforce by ensuring everyone receives critical messages and stays apprised of status.


COVID-19 Return to Work Readiness Self-Assessment

White Paper

COVID-19: Critical Communication Strategies to Consider


BlackBerry AtHoc: COVID-19 Return to Work 


Tips to Make Your Enterprise Resilient with Critical Event Management

Get the Right Message Out at the Right Time with Customizable BlackBerry AtHoc Crisis Communication Templates


The Positive Role Technology Can Play in a Health Crisis

Listen to cybersecurity expert Dr. Saif Abed, MDm founder of The Abed Graham Group and Clinical Cyber Defense Systems, discuss the positive role technology can play during a global healthcare crisis.