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What is content collaboration?

Content Collaboration

Today’s employees want complete mobile access to information and tools from the devices of their choice. Content collaboration refers to when employees can access, share, sync and collaborate on files using any device–both mobile and desktop. This collaboration and exchange of files is essential to daily activities in many organizations.

What are the benefits of content collaboration?

File sharing across devices can contribute to seamless workflows and enhanced productivity, facilitate team collaboration, or mobilize and transform your entire business. Anytime, anywhere document access and collaboration helps employees keep pace with the demands of their job.

What are the risks?

While network security is crucial, breaches happen in even well-protected systems, from well-intentioned employee workarounds to external malicious cyberattacks.

An organization’s intellectual property and customer data are more valuable than ever. Employees need tools that allow them to collaborate with the confidence that sensitive information will be protected.

How does BlackBerry improve collaboration and data security?

BlackBerry® Workspaces can provide the advanced collaboration features and security organizations require. With BlackBerry Workspaces, you stay in control, even after files are downloaded and shared with third parties with:

  • Protection inside and outside your firewall
  • Ransomware recovery tools
  • File-level Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Unmatched cross-platform support
  • Unified access and control for existing data stores
  • Tracking and reporting for all file activity