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What is crisis communication?

Crisis Communication

Crisis communication refers to how organizations communicate and collaborate during emergencies. Whether it’s a system outage, natural disaster, cybersecurity threat or other emergency, there’s a fundamental need to maintain operations and ensure the safety of personnel.

What are the challenges?

During emergencies, the ability to quickly and accurately notify all employees of threats, provide instructions and assess the status of personnel in real time is critical. To instantly reach a mass audience as well as targeted individuals and groups, many government, commercial and military organizations rely on one of their most pervasive and reliable assets – the IP network.

What is the solution?

Software like BlackBerry® AtHoc® transforms the IP network into an enterprise-class mass notification system. By deploying BlackBerry AtHoc, large private and public enterprises can rapidly alert thousands of employees in geographically dispersed locations during an emergency.

How does BlackBerry offer protection?

The BlackBerry AtHoc suite of integrated applications sets the standard in networked crisis communication, with solutions that offer your organization:

  • Real-time visibility of personnel safety
  • Networked mass notifications
  • Seamless communication and collaboration
  • Situational awareness

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