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BlackBerry Notes

Securely Manage Notes on Mobile Devices

BlackBerry® Notes is the secure note-taking solution designed for mobile enterprise users.

Access Business Notes from Anywhere

BlackBerry Notes lets employees stay on top of business workflows by creating, editing and maintaining notes on their mobile devices.

With BlackBerry Notes, users can create, edit, view and delete notes and sync them back to Microsoft® Exchange, with features that go beyond traditional note-taking tools.

  • View notes at a glance in a tile-view list without clutter
  • Organize any note by title, category or date for easy searching on the go
  • Send notes as emails for quick collaboration with colleagues
  • Switch between mobile and desktop at any time; all notes are up to date

BlackBerry Notes is built on BlackBerry Dynamics, and all data in the application is protected in the secure BlackBerry container. With FIPS-validated cryptography, corporate data is protected both in transit and at rest, helping to eliminate the risk of data leakage.

Many enterprises have invested heavily in Microsoft Exchange to enable note-taking on the desktop, but they have yet to mobilize that investment. Unlike other note-taking tools, BlackBerry Notes fully integrates with Microsoft Exchange and ensures pervasive data security for business notes.

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