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BlackBerry Tasks

Securely manage tasks on mobile devices

BlackBerry® Tasks allows users to securely create, open and prioritize tasks synchronized with Microsoft® Exchange.

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Extend Tasks Beyond the Desktop to Mobile

Help your employees stay on top of their daily responsibilities efficiently and securely, with the personal task management application built on BlackBerry® Dynamics, the best-in-class mobile container for app development. 

With BlackBerry Tasks, users get a full desktop experience on the go, making it easy to stay on top of their to-do list. They can switch between mobile and desktop, and be assured their information is always up-to-date. Users can:

  • Keep track of obligations with recurring tasks, sorting options and task reminders.
  • Convert an email into a task for easier project planning.
  • View tasks directly from your calendar to align with deadlines on-the-go.
  • Stay organized by assigning tasks to one or more categories

Many enterprises have invested heavily in Microsoft® Exchange to enable task management on the desktop, but not on mobile. BlackBerry Tasks helps maximize your investment in Microsoft Exchange by enabling you to extend task management to mobile devices.

BlackBerry Tasks is built on BlackBerry Dynamics, and all data in the application is protected in the secure BlackBerry container. With FIPS-validated cryptography, corporate data is protected both in transit and at rest, helping to eliminate the risk of data leakage.

Business class features Maximize your microsoft investment Keep your data secure

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Choose the BlackBerry® Spark Suite that Meets Your Needs

BlackBerry Spark®


UEM Suite + UES Suite features for full Unified Endpoint Security and Unified Endpoint Management

BlackBerry Spark® UEM Suite

UEM – full features

UEM Express Suite + Regulated Sector Controls; SDK/API & Customer Apps; EFSS/DRM; Identity; UEM Notifications

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