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BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE for Microsoft Office Mobile Apps

BlackBerry® Enterprise BRIDGE provides a highly secure option for seamlessly using native Microsoft® mobile apps on iOS and Android™.

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Build a Bridge Between BlackBerry Work and Microsoft Office

Using Microsoft Office Mobile Apps just got a lot simpler and more secure. Regulated and security conscious organizations can now enable their users with the full native app experience for Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Word and Excel® from BlackBerry® Dynamics apps such as BlackBerry® Work.   

  • Files display correctly on all devices
  • Data is securely containerized
  • The same files can be worked on across Windows® 10, macOS, iOS and Android

BlackBerry and Microsoft Better Together

With rapid adoption of Office 365 by business and consumer users, some employees may use personal Office 365 accounts to work with corporate files. With the collaboration between BlackBerry and Microsoft, users no longer need to use this workaround.

BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE is a BlackBerry Dynamics-enabled and Microsoft® Intune-protected app. It provides a secure bridge between BlackBerry Dynamics apps such as BlackBerry Work and Intune-managed mobile apps such as Microsoft Office. This secure bridge ensures that data encryption and document fidelity are preserved in the document-sharing process, and that common1 data leakage policies are applied.

BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE allows users to view, create, edit and annotate Office files on their mobile device of choice inside a secure managed app environment. With They get access to the Microsoft apps they need, and IT can stop the leakage of corporate data outside the company firewall. 

BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE makes collaboration on mobile devices seamless and secure. It simplifies and accelerates productivity, without the need to implement additional complex infrastructure.

  • Create and edit Office files and securely share those files using BlackBerry Dynamics Apps
  • Work securely across desktop and mobile devices using the same Office apps
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Find the Perfect Package for You

Choose the BlackBerry® Spark Suite that Meets Your Needs

BlackBerry Spark®


UEM Suite + UES Suite features for full Unified Endpoint Security and Unified Endpoint Management

BlackBerry Spark® UEM Suite

UEM – full features

UEM Express Suite + Regulated Sector Controls; SDK/API & Customer Apps; EFSS/DRM; Identity; UEM Notifications

  1. Subject to implementation for comparable policies and requires Intune licensing. There is no guarantee that Intune App Protection will match Dynamics in all respects or that it will support all the same policies that Dynamics does, or vice-versa.