Information Protection from BlackBerry

CylanceAVERT Prevents Misuse and Loss of Your Company’s Sensitive Information

CylanceAVERT protects you from monetary and reputational loss by preventing unauthorized exfiltration and collection of your company’s sensitive information through discovery, inventory, and categorization. This data protection solution also assists in remediation of security incidents and ensuring regulatory compliance.
Protect Sensitive Data from External Actors and Entities
CylanceAVERT increases visibility through file inventory services on data at rest and safeguards sensitive information through consolidation and identification of where this information is stored. And our Cloud management console works with other BlackBerry® CES products.
Prevent Unauthorized Exfiltration of IP by Internal Users
CylanceAVERT detects, assesses, and reports on potential risks and unauthorized sharing through data in motion through user interactions and telemetry. User, data, and network behavior are correlated to prevent unauthorized exfiltration. 
Bolster Industry and Government Regulatory Data Compliance
Meet your compliance standards with built-in regulatory compliance templates. CylanceAVERT allows for smart policy remediation and reconciliation for ease of maintenance.