Cylance XDR Cybersecurity

Extend Detection, Protection, and Response from Endpoints to Network

Cylance® cybersecurity extends protection across your organization by combining network and endpoint telemetry to provide full visibility enabling preventative protection, instant response, and threat hunting across every level with continuous authentication.

The Complete Cybersecurity Package with Extended Detection and Response Capabilities

Holistic Telemetry Beyond the Endpoints
Cylance XDR cybersecurity aggregates data from our endpoint protection, mobile threat defense, endpoint detection and response, identity and behavior analytics, network security and information protection along with third-party vendors’ desktop, mobile, servers, users, and networks such as cloud access security brokers, firewalls, and secure web gateways—so you can optimize incoming telemetry for detection, correlation, and potential actions. 
24x7x365 Around-the-Clock Coverage
Bad actors don’t just attack during office hours—they are opportunistic and will attack at any time. Our analysts are available 24x7x365, providing multi-regional support, compliance, and monitoring—reacting when necessary. We provide you with peace of mind and drastically reduce your costs from building your own security operations center (SOC). You receive the expertise when you need it most, with a dedicated and highly skilled specialist team that focuses on your security 24x7. We know that managed XDR is the way forward—minimizing alert fatigue, reducing the high costs of building your own SOC, eliminating the need to hire in-demand qualified professionals, and allowing you to focus on key security initiatives.
Protection from Insider Threats
Insider threats are people with legitimate access who use their access in a way that causes harm to your organization—either through negligence or malicious intentions. Protect against insider threats at access, network, and data level through Cylance XDR aggregation of our identity and behavior analytics, network security, and information protection.

Cylance XDR Features

  Cylance XDR
Cylance XDR Platform Included
Extended Detection and Response Included
Cylance AI Engine Included
Endpoint Protection Included
Cloud SIEM Included
Network Security Included
Identity Detection and Response Included
Information Protection Included
Endpoint Detection and Response Included
Mobile Threat Defense Included
3rd Party Integration Included
Guard Advanced Managed XDR Included
Alert Security Services Optional
Strategic Security Services Optional
Incident Response and Forensics Optional