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Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled - COPE

Enable Personal Use on Secure Corporate Devices

Support Your Full Range of COPE Devices

A COPE program begins with evaluating your security posture and identifying the appropriate security controls for your organization.  These can include device-level MDM policies to control devices, app-level containerization to secure corporate data, and content-level DRM to protect business documents.  

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Keep Personal Apps Separate from Business Apps

A COPE device, by definition, sits in two worlds.  Users prefer if IT does not monitor or restrict their own personal usage. IT and the business benefit from separating the personal and business domains.  Doing so reduces both hard IT costs and potential legal exposure.  With BlackBerry solutions, organizations can:

  • Fully separate business data from personal, preventing data leakage
  • Selectively wipe business data from a device while leaving personal information untouched
  • Enable users to use the apps of their choice without exposing the enterprise to risk.
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