Combating Fileless Attacks

BlackBerry AI-driven threat prevention and response solutions protect you from threats, no matter how they operate

Combating fileless attacks requires a departure from traditional, file-based countermeasures. BlackBerry uses memory defense, script and macro control, and our Context Analysis Engine (CAE) to keep your organization safe.

Hacking Exposed Demo from RSA - Examples of Fileless Threats

See how recent threats – including fileless attacks – operate in the wild

The replay of our Hacking Exposed demo at RSA illuminates the tools and techniques of memory-based, fileless, script-based, and app-based attacks, and more.

Threat Spotlight: Kovter Malware Fileless Persistence Mechanism

Join us as we take a closer look at Kovter, a pervasive click-fraud trojan that uses a fileless persistence mechanism to maintain a foothold in an infected system.

DirtySecurity Podcast: Memory-Based Attacks and How To Stop Them

In this episode of DirtySecurity, we chat with security engineer Josh Fu about fileless attacks - why they're so prevalent, how they work, and how to prevent them.

Prevention - BlackBerry Protect

Memory Exploitation Detection and Prevention

Add an additional layer of security and strengthen the OS’s basic protection features – preventing attackers from using memory to exploit vulnerabilities.

Script and Macro Management

Monitor, detect, and protect against malicious scripts and/or script paths that may be running in your environment – before they can execute.
Response - BlackBerry Optics

Response - BlackBerry Optics

Powering Dynamic Threat Detection and Automated Response

Our approach pushes the threat detection and response to the endpoint, allowing every endpoint in your organization to act as a virtual SOC, dynamically detecting threats and taking response actions around the clock and without human intervention.


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