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Samsung Knox Management and Secure Apps

Enable Secure Enterprise Mobility for Samsung Android Devices

Secure Android for the Enterprise

BlackBerry® and Samsung® combine to offer enterprises a tightly integrated, secure end-to-end Android™ solution. By pairing secure BlackBerry enterprise solutions with the Samsung Knox™ Platform defense-grade security foundation for Android, organizations can benefit from enhanced security and compliance, as well as increased workforce productivity.    

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Comprehensive Management with the Samsung Knox Platform

The Samsung Knox Platform provides a comprehensive framework for organizations to manage and secure Samsung Android devices. BlackBerry® UEM offers powerful administrative controls for the Samsung Knox Platform, including best-in-class management and secure connectivity for the Knox Workspace container. With BlackBerry UEM, you can:

  • Efficiently manage both company- and employee-owned Samsung Android devices
  • Streamline bulk enrollment of corporate Samsung devices via Knox Mobile Enrollment
  • Utilize a rich set of policy options to enforce compliance with enterprise standards
  • Extend seamless, secure behind-the-firewall enterprise connectivity for Knox Workspace
  • Manage and control device firmware updates with full support for Samsung E FOTA
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Defense-Grade Security for Android

The Knox Workspace container, which leverages the rich security features and layered protection of the Knox Platform, is built into Samsung Android devices to help isolate and protect work data. BlackBerry UEM helps organizations manage and use Knox Workspace to fully satisfy enterprise security requirements while maintaining a rich Android experience for end users.

  • Prevent data leakage that could result from accidentally copying work data into personal apps 
  • Enable a corporate-only use model for Knox Workspace, required in highly regulated environments
  • Use Knox Attestation to periodically test and validate the integrity of Samsung Knox devices 
  • Secure data in transit and eliminate the need for a separate VPN with BlackBerry Connectivity

A Platform for Enhanced Productivity

Knox Workspace provides an identical user experience to the personal space on Samsung Android devices, so there’s no additional learning curve for end users when adopting the solution. BlackBerry further enhances Knox Workspace with powerful app management capabilities and BlackBerry secure productivity solutions, including BlackBerry® Work, the all-in-one business collaboration app.

  • Enable a rich and familiar mobile user experience for Samsung Android device users
  • Distribute business apps to Samsung Knox devices via Google Play for enhanced user productivity
  • Provide Knox Workspace users with best-in-class BlackBerry productivity and collaboration apps
  • Deploy secure third-party and custom apps built on BlackBerry Dynamics directly to Knox Workspace
  • Enable a full desktop computing experience from mobile devices with BlackBerry applications optimized for Samsung DeX
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