Microsoft & BlackBerry: Better Together

Mobilize Your Microsoft Investments

Mobilize Your Existing Microsoft Investments While Protecting Your Data

Organizations are increasingly mobilizing their workforce, requiring IT to extend their existing investment in Microsoft® technologies to a wide variety of mobile devices and platforms. BlackBerry® provides an easy, secure, cross-platform approach for mobilizing your Microsoft applications while protecting critical business data.

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Build a Bridge between BlackBerry Work and Microsoft Office

BlackBerry® Enterprise BRIDGE provides a highly secure option for seamlessly using native Microsoft® mobile apps on iOS and Android from BlackBerry® Dynamics apps.

  • Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Word and Excel® files display correctly on all devices
  • Data is securely containerized
  • The same files can be worked on across Windows® 10, macOS, iOS and Android
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Communicate: Email and PIM
Communicate: Email and PIM
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Complement Your Microsoft Office 365 Deployment

With their optional cloud deployment model, both BlackBerry® Dynamics and BlackBerry® UEM can manage your entire mobile app ecosystem from the cloud, an ideal complement to your Microsoft Office 365 deployment.

  • For organizations that have moved their messaging infrastructure to Office 365, BlackBerry offers a fully cloud-based deployment across secure email, collaboration and MDM. BlackBerry Work can be run either in the cloud or on-premise, and can support Office 365 as well as hosted Exchange environments.
  • For organizations in the middle of an Office 365 migration, a cloud-based BlackBerry Work deployment can support both your Office 365 and legacy Exchange users in a single deployment.
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Mobilize OneDrive for Business

The BlackBerry Dynamics Platform pervasively supports integration with Microsoft®  OneDrive for Business. Any app built on the platform can quickly and securely access or save documents to OneDrive for Business. This includes collaboration applications like BlackBerry Work for email and editing, a wide set of secure business apps, and custom apps.

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Communicate: Email and PIM