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Dark Rhiino Security’s Technological Evolution

“We’re very confident that the R&D and the AI development on the BlackBerry team is going to provide world-class protection. CylanceENDPOINT continues to be very, very effective.”
— Manoj Tandon, COO and Co-founder, Dark Rhiino Security

Four pillars, six years, eleven layers — managed security service provider Dark Rhiino Security may find strength in these numbers, but their heart remains with small businesses.

“Our idea from day one was always to service the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market. We always felt that was a neglected side of the equation,” says Manoj Tandon, Co-founder, and COO of Dark Rhiino Security. Recognizing a gap in the cybersecurity industry, and with a strategy to bridge it, Dark Rhiino Security paired up with BlackBerry’s Cylance®  AI. 

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Establishing the Framework

Establishing the Framework

Recovering from cyberattacks is an incredibly difficult venture, especially for organizations that don’t have the bandwidth or budget to protect their networks in the first place. Tandon notes that some small businesses are forced to shut down within six months of an attack — Dark Rhiino’s services strive to prevent that.

Fueling Dark Rhiino’s deliverables is an unwavering determination to protect four fundamental pillars: their customers’ brand, revenue, data, and clients’ interest. “Those four things for us are paramount. We’ve minimized the ability of a bad actor to move around at free will and reduced the likelihood of something really adverse happening. And CylanceENDPOINT is foundational at the endpoint for us in ensuring that those results are the way they are,” Tandon explains.


From Inception to Success

Alongside the four pillars exists a strong desire for all organizations to have access to the robust security that is crucial in today’s digital atmosphere. Dark Rhiino’s clients span many industries, including energy, healthcare, professional service firms, financial groups, and small banks. “All those organizations have a significant target on them. And it makes all the sense for them to invest in a cybersecurity program,” says Tandon. But not just any partnership would suffice. 

The commitment to providing top-tier security to SMBs began with an abundance of testing from Dark Rhiino. “We had run lab tests of every single endpoint detection response system out there,” Tandon shares, “on the pattern recognitions, on behaviors of how malware works — and CylanceENDPOINT came out on top. We’ve found instances where CylanceENDPOINT has picked up threats that were missed by other applications.” From that point on, it was clear that a flourishing partnership was forming; one that places clients at the forefront and continues to thrive six years later.

Tandon highlights that technological supremacies aren’t the only contributing factor to a successful relationship with BlackBerry. “A big chunk of cybersecurity is about the people, a huge amount. We've been using CylanceENDPOINT for over six years at this point, and the partnership we've built is important. We're able to provide great protection at economies of scale and pass those on to our clients. And that's equally relevant. It's important to have good protection, but it has to come at a good cost in the SMB space.” 

Defense in Depth: A Layered Approach

Defense in Depth: A Layered Approach

“A lot has evolved at Dark Rhiino since those early days," Tandon explains. 

Now, Dark Rhiino’s security strategy is one that includes multiple layers of protection and incorporates CylanceENDPOINT.  “We're providing an executable defense-in-depth approach for small-medium businesses. It has 11 technology components. One which is foundational — CylanceENDPOINT,” he says.

Defense-in-depth is not a reactionary measure, but a multifaceted, preventative one. Its core is fortified by resilient security features, with a hands-on involvement from Dark Rhiino that ensures the well-being of all their clients, particularly smaller, vulnerable organizations. Their organization is a proactive one that continually plans for the unknown, and Tandon emphasizes the importance of this. 

A Team That Overcomes Challenges Together

“We need to really rely on AI on our side and the development of AI into foundational technologies and tools for us like our SOC, like CylanceENDPOINT. And for those technologies to stay way ahead of the curve and look at the threat from generative AI is a challenge, but I'm also sure that given our six long years together, we think that certainly the tech team at BlackBerry is capable of meeting that challenge. When we look at what BlackBerry is doing, it is the endpoint — it's the frontline.” 

— Manoj Tandon

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