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QuantPaths Powers Quantum Mobile Security with BlackBerry Cybersecurity

"The Quant Phone is currently the only product of its kind — the only platform capable of emulating quantum computing on a mobile device. We couldn't have created it without BlackBerry UEM. Theirs was the only solution on the market capable of supporting our technology."
— Antonio Ginés López, Ph.D., independent Chief Technology Officer, Collaborator of QuantPaths Ltd.

Veteran cybersecurity professional Antonio Ginés López has a Ph.D. in both quantum computing and security engineering. Now the company which he serves as an independent Chief Technology Officer, has introduced a first-of-its-kind device: a quantum security mobile phone.

Dr. Antonio Ginés López has used his patented BINARY QUANTUM HYBRIDATION algorithm to combine the cutting-edge technology of BlackBerry and thus achieve unprecedented success.

The company for which Ginés carried out the project, QuantPaths Ltd., seeks to redefine the global cybersecurity landscape through its government-level quantum encryption solutions. To accomplish this goal, QuantPaths Ltd. partnered with BlackBerry to develop a quantum communication system and secure data vault controlled by BlackBerry ® UEM, incorporating CylanceENDPOINT™ for additional AI-powered cybersecurity.

This recommendation, by Dr. Antonio Ginés, comes from his long experience in working with BlackBerry products, and the laboratory tests that were carried out for said choice.

Quant Phone voted Best Product of Expodefensa 2023

Quant Phone utilizes BlackBerry UEM, which achieved 99.7% accuracy translating between binary and quantic

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Taking the First Step

Taking the First Step

QuantPaths needed a secure way to route data between smartphones and its quantum server. Ginés and his team were aware that their product was unprecedented, and that this presented a challenge in finding a vendor. Because the Quant Phone was the first product of its kind, many solutions were incapable of supporting it.

During its search, the company cast a wide net, assessing the top MDM (mobile device management) solutions providers serving South America — one of which was BlackBerry. 

A Simple Test

Ginés developed an algorithm designed to test how each solution handled data transmissions from QuantPaths’ quantum servers. The algorithm also tested how effectively the solutions translated data from quantic — where data can be “1” and “O” at the same time — to binary, where data must be either a “1” or a “O,” and vice versa. BlackBerry UEM achieved a success rate of 99.7%. The other top performers scored only 93% and 75%, respectively.

That made the right choice obvious — and not solely due to BlackBerry’s test results. Having worked extensively with BlackBerry in the past, Ginés was deeply familiar with its solutions portfolio. He also had several professional contacts within the organization.

“I’d been collaborating with BlackBerry since 2010 as part of MERCOSUR, a commercial association that includes Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay,” Ginés explains. “After engaging with BlackBerry, we decided to use BlackBerry UEM to develop the Quant Phone, and CylanceENDPOINT to help secure it.” 

Success Built on Trust

Success Built on Trust

In just one year, the Quant Phone was ready for release and distribution.

QuantPaths started with its home region, targeting government institutions in South America as its primary customers. Many of the governments already relied on and trusted BlackBerry and its solutions. As such, the fact that the Quant Phone uses BlackBerry UEM as a foundation became a strong selling point.

Spain, the company’s second target market, brought some additional challenges.

“In EMEA and North America, there are more choices and competitors,” notes Ginés. “The cybersecurity market in those regions is more mature, and customers are more conscious about their choices and more hesitant to deploy unfamiliar technology. Our association with BlackBerry was still helpful, though: People knew and trusted the brand in Europe as well.”

Despite the increased competition, it didn’t take long for QuantPaths to secure a major client in the European pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, the company is pursuing opportunities with government agencies, ministries, and financial services organizations in the region. Further expansion, says Ginés, is only a matter of time.

QuantPaths has actively been attending conferences to drum up support for — and interest in — the Quant Phone, with considerable success. At Expodefensa 2023, for instance, the Quant Phone was voted Best Product of the entire event. 

Paving the Way for a Post-Quantum Future

Moving forward, QuantPaths intends to continue expanding through Europe as it further explores the boundaries of quantum computing, working closely with BlackBerry the entire way. 

“I’m incredibly happy about the help and support we’ve received from the BlackBerry team,” Ginés concludes. “I’m incredibly proud of our collaboration. I’m also delighted at the opportunity to continue working together. Great things are coming, and BlackBerry is helping us make them a possibility.” 

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