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BlackBerry UEM Features

Manage Diverse Endpoint Environments

Configure iOS Device Management in a wide range of use cases from retail frontline to school, healthcare, operations, logistics and more.

  • Set up groups of shared devices, apply configuration (policies, profiles, applications, etc.) and define individual user access
  • Add multiple Apple DEP accounts on the single BlackBerry UEM console

Securely enable and extend Android in the enterprise, and realize the full potential of Android Device Management for improved business collaboration and productivity.

  • Simplify device enrollment without the need for a managed Google Play Account
  • Utilize a rich set of policy options to enforce compliance with enterprise standards


Securely enable Chromebooks in the enterprise to provide the same powerful security and user experience on Chromebooks as the BlackBerry Dynamics container provides on Android devices.

  • Support for Chromebook OS allows seamless access to email, documents, applications, and intranet without VPN
  • BYO users get quick and secure access to only their required data

Get secure Windows Device Management, supporting all device ownership models. Enroll devices, authenticate users, and configure devices with corporate resources.

  • Ensure Windows 10 device integrity with Windows Health Attestation service
  • Configure and provision devices with Windows Information Protection
  • Use a single set of MDM APIs to centralize management and security

Unify management of your macOS users, supporting all device ownership models. Enroll devices, authenticate users, and configure devices with corporate resources.

  • Enjoy simplified enrollment of company and employee-owned macOS devices
  • Configure macOS devices to connect to corporate email, Wi-Fi, VPN and certificate profiles
  • Enable users to activate macOS devices for work, reducing IT overhead

Streamlined Administration

The BlackBerry UEM console offers a single, intuitive interface for unified management of:

Unified user and group management, and full integration and sync with Microsoft® Active Directory®, help save time and improve policy compliance.

BlackBerry UEM provides a single, integrated view of the users, devices, apps and policies in your environment, and comprehensive management for native container solutions, across all ownership models and types of users, including third parties such as contractors, partners and customers. This includes Android™ Enterprise and Samsung Knox Workspace, in addition to native protection capabilities for iOS (such as iOS managed apps) and Windows® 10 (such as Windows Information Protection).

  • Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD)
  • Corporate-Owned, Personally-Enabled (COPE)
  • Corporate-Owned, Business-Only (COBO)
  • Bring-Your-Own-Computer (BYOC)
  • Corporate-Owned, Managed-Profile (COMP)
  • Dedicated devices (formerly Corporate-Owned Single-Use or COSU) – Android Enterprise only


Manage all users, groups, apps and content policies from the single BlackBerry UEM console for efficient, consistent enforcement of IT standards across users and groups.

  • Easily assign apps or app groups to individual user accounts, user groups, or device groups
  • Provide an intuitive enterprise catalog for approved work apps
  • Deploy and manage BlackBerry Dynamics containerized apps
  • Distribute apps into native containers for enhanced security and control
  • Configure native apps for managed corporate device use
  • Manage file-level DRM policies for BlackBerry Workspaces

Open APIs enable developers to extend BlackBerry UEM with enhanced services and custom solutions. Automate various administrative actions and integrate additional services into the unified console to speed deployment and drive further efficiencies.

As your organization evolves, you can quickly add new BlackBerry® Secure UEM and Productivity Suites capabilities to support enhanced collaboration.

  • Custom app development
  • Identity and access management (IAM)
  • Digital rights management (DRM) for secure file sharing

Notify users about new corporate apps and inform them when updates become available with the enhanced BlackBerry UEM Enterprise App Store. When compliance requires the deployment of specific apps, IT can ensure all users are notified. BlackBerry UEM enables improved app adoption and consistent app deployment inside and outside your enterprise.

BlackBerry UEM supports the direct management of Microsoft Office productivity apps (such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) alongside existing corporate apps managed by BlackBerry using the Microsoft Intune Graph API. With UEM, line of business organizations can deploy Microsoft Office mobile apps and apply App Protection policies. Avoid data leakage from Office 365 apps with policies that apply to both managed and unmanaged devices.

  • Prevent iTunes and iCloud backups
  • Enforce PIN to access applications
  • Restrict Cut/Copy/Paste between Office and non-Office apps
  • Disable “Save As” (prevents saving work files to personal repositories such as Dropbox)

Simplified End User Experience

Users can be activated on BlackBerry UEM with zero-input activation using a QR code for iOS and Android. Setup across platforms is consistent and user-friendly.

  • Active Directory-linked groups for automated user onboarding
  • Auto-configuration of Exchange ActiveSync, Wi-Fi and VPN
  • Multiple activation types (e.g. Work & Personal, Work Only) 
  • Support for Apple Device Enrollment Program, Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment simplifies bulk corporate device rollouts
  • Support for iOS User Enrollment, built specifically for BYOD, maintains user privacy while keeping corporate data protected.

BlackBerry UEM integrations offer a streamlined user experience with intuitive functionality that reduces IT support load.

  • Unified self-service portal supports common end user tasks (e.g. activating new devices, locking / locating a lost device)
  • Intelligent security (via CylancePROTECT and BlackBerry Intelligent Security)
  • Single sign-on to cloud services (via BlackBerry Enterprise Identity) streamlines user access to essential resources. Face ID and Touch ID are enabled for iOS users.
  • Two-factor authentication (via BlackBerry 2FA) enhances security and eliminates difficult legacy token solutions

Containerization, offered in several ways depending on the device operating system and security requirements, helps your organization avoid legal complications by establishing a clear separation between employees’ private content and sensitive business data. 

BlackBerry containerization can secure:

  • Packaged apps – BlackBerry has the largest ecosystem of secure third-party mobile apps
  • BlackBerry apps – BlackBerry provides the best user experience supported by the best mobile security
  • Custom apps – BlackBerry has the largest number of custom mobile apps

BlackBerry® Enterprise BRIDGE provides the only highly secure option for seamlessly using native Microsoft® mobile apps including Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Word and Excel® from BlackBerry® Dynamics apps such as BlackBerry® Work. This unique capability is available on both iOS and Android™.

  • BlackBerry Connectivity enables secure app access to behind-the-firewall resources – so your users can stay productive from any location. BlackBerry Secure Gateway Service enables secure work email access via the native iOS Mail client – ensuring a familiar iOS experience for your users without exposing Exchange ActiveSync services (also supported for IBM Domino / Traveler).

BlackBerry UEM extends full control over best-in-class secure productivity and collaboration apps from BlackBerry and partners, enabling powerful business use cases.

  • Near real-time presence indicators while mobile
  • One touch access to the BlackBerry UEM App store
  • Secure access to documents via mobile devices
  • Access to shared calendars and presentation features 

Meet High-security and Regulatory Requirements

Regulated environments commonly require auditing of all device communications. BlackBerry UEM delivers full SMS, MMS and call logging for iOS, Android Enterprise, Samsung Knox Workspace and BlackBerry 10 devices to enable key corporate-liable use cases. Compliance violation notifications provide organizations with more flexibility when configuring compliance rules and actions. 

Secure app deployment for BlackBerry Dynamics apps to Android Enterprise and Knox Workspace ensures end-to-end data protection via the industry’s leading secure container technology.

Rest assured your data is protected – only BlackBerry apps and the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK are certified Common Criteria EAL4+, the highest level recognized internationally.

Leveraging BlackBerry’s heritage and experience in global network and data center management, BlackBerry UEM is architected for the most demanding environments.

  • Proven in many of the largest mission-critical enterprise environments
  • Active-Active High Availability model reduces hardware requirements, enables pooled resources and provides maximum uptime
  • Also available as a cloud service with 99.9% uptime SLA

With UEM Notifications, admins can send messages across multiple communication channels - SMS, Phone, Email, leveraging the highly reliable and secure BlackBerry AtHoc FedRAMP authorized delivery service. UEM Notifications is a unique productivity tool that connects device management and user communication in a single interface:

  1. Notifying users of planned downtime
  2. Delivering information about outages, thus reducing calls to Support
  3. Heads up to users about compliance changes

Cloud and On-Premises Deployment Options

  • Industry-leading scalability – up to 25K devices per server and 150K devices per domain
  • Simple setup and management – Start managing devices in as little as five minutes
  • Reduced hardware cost – Reduce your TCO with no servers or infrastructure required.
  • Industry-leading scalability - – up to 25K devices per server and 150K devices per domain
  • Active-Active High Availability - two or more servers run concurrently, actively sharing the load
  • Migration of Dynamics users between BlackBerry UEM on-premises domains

Organizations can secure and manage devices, applications, data and policies via Amazon Web Services (AWS) Secure Cloud Services platform.

  • Unified, multi-OS management
  • Single easy-to-use management console
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