BlackBerry 2FA Strong Authentication

Simple, high-security user authentication that safeguards your critical systems

Use Mobile Devices for a Better Authentication Solution

Data breaches and cybersecurity threats are some of the biggest roadblocks to realizing the full potential of the Enterprise of Things—the  growing range of devices connected to your organization.

BlackBerry® 2FA is a comprehensive endpoint-to-endpoint security solution that leverages mobile devices to deliver simple, highly secure user authentication for your key cloud apps, VPN, and other on-premises systems. It supports on-premises or cloud deployments of BlackBerry® UEM, providing a second factor for EID-federated applications. With BlackBerry 2FA, user authentication for critical enterprise systems is BlackBerry Secure.

Improve the Authentication Experience for Employees

Security is critical to your organization, but so is employee experience and morale. With BlackBerry 2FA, once employees have registered one or more mobile devices, they can access critical systems simply by entering their usual password and clicking OK on a registered mobile device to authenticate.

  • Eliminates the frustration of complex, multi-step authentication processes

  • Removes the need to remember PINs, carry additional devices, or manually transcribe codes from tiny screens

  • Provides a superior, one-click user experience

  • Enables access to critical systems, even in emergencies or special situations

  • Allows for the use of multiple, preferred devices (iOS, Android™ and BlackBerry®)

It’s a simple, high-security solution, with an improved user experience compared with legacy two-factor authentication systems.

Safeguard Your Critical Systems

More and more organizations are recognizing that their current two-factor authentication systems are inadequate as they:

  • Offer a complex and frustrating user experience
  • Don't adequately protect cloud apps
  • Use consumer-grade SMSs or voice callbacks, both susceptible to malware
  • Force authentication into the cloud to protect on-premises systems
  • Rely on unmanaged devices for authenticaton

Passwords alone aren’t enough to protect your organization’s high-value systems, whether it’s critical cloud apps like Microsoft® Office 365 and Salesforce®, or your VPN. You need a second factor, not just something users know (like passwords) but also something users have (like their mobile device).

BlackBerry 2FA provides strong, high-security user authentication that safeguards your cloud apps, while still protecting your existing VPN. It uses Certificate-Based Authentication of employee devices via an on-premises server. 

Combined with other software and services from BlackBerry, BlackBerry 2FA enables you to comply with regulations, including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Deploy Based on Your Organization’s Needs

BlackBerry 2FA offers flexible deployment options. You can choose to make a move to BlackBerry 2FA all at once with simple, quick deployment. Or you can opt to deploy for a chosen number of users, then work in parallel with your legacy system and easily scale up as desired.

It allows automatic provisioning to devices managed by BlackBerry UEM, and a simple activation procedure
for users with other devices. In either case, no IT support is required. 

Support Every Type of User

With BlackBerry 2FA, you can provide two-factor authentication to every type of user inside and outside your organization—from traditional employees and part-time contractors to partners. It supports unmanaged devices and devices managed by a third party.

BlackBerry 2FA supports affordable, standards-based hardware
tokens for users without mobile devices, or users unwilling to put software on their devices with ease.

Lower Your Operating Costs

Legacy two-factor authentication systems often have high maintenance or subscription fees. BlackBerry 2FA has low up-front costs, with no new authentication devices or infrastructure required.

It virtually eliminates help desk requests that frequently occur with legacy two-factor authentication systems, such as forgotten PINs and lost hard token devices. User errors are also drastically decreased.

Customer Success

"There’s a government mandate that says any device that will access the law enforcement database needs to have two-factor authentication. A password just isn’t good enough anymore. We feel that between BlackBerry 2FA and BlackBerry UEM, we’re now in compliance…[and] we’re in a place where we could allow our users access to national information from their mobile devices using BlackBerry security software."

Sergeant William Okula, Executive Officer
Suffolk County Police Department Technology Bureau

Get Started

BlackBerry 2FA is featured in the Collaboration, Application and Content Editions of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Mobility Suite.