2020 Threat Report: Cloud Security

Increased Data Loss from Misconfigured Cloud Resources

3 Disclosures Per Month 3 Disclosures Per Month 3 Disclosures Per Month

3 Disclosures Per Month

On average, in 2019 there were at least three disclosures of exposures caused by unsecured databases and servers every month.
7 Billion Records 7 Billion Records 7 Billion Records

7 Billion Records

These unfortunate data exposures led to a total of over seven billion records being publicly exposed across 2019.
$49.1B USD in 2020 $49.1B USD in 2020 $49.1B USD in 2020

$49.1B USD in 2020

Gartner forecasts an increase in infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings provided by public clouds, up from $38.9B in 2019. 

Cloud Security in 2020 and Beyond

The Shared Responsibility Model of Cloud Security

The previous numbers will come as no surprise to the myriad of organizations who continue to struggle with balancing their needs for continuous integration with safe deployment practices. 

In 2019 - and still in 2020 - too often cloud security measures are often implemented as an afterthought and may be driven by the pressures of regulatory compliance. On another end of the scale, some entities struggle with understanding their role in the shared responsibility model where:

  • The cloud service provider (CSP) is expected to secure the infrastructure supporting the underlying hardware/software depending on the model adopted
  • The customer secures configurations related to consumed resources

Considering the ongoing challenges with improving the security of the cloud, we likewise expect to see an increase in data breaches caused by misconfigured assets. These losses will likely occur as a result of the inadequate efforts applied towards balancing security measures and managing software-defined infrastructure required to support the ever-evolving business needs.

Download the Report

Download the Report

For more information on the challenges organizations face related to cloud security and recommendations on how they can better prepare themselves, download the full BlackBerry® Cylance® 2020 Threat Report.

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