2020 Threat Report: Mobile Security

Mobile Device Vulnerabilities

Mobile Device Vulnerabilities

As mobile devices become more embedded in, and critical to, our everyday lives, threats continue to increase in number and complexity. 

  • Mobile platforms are primed for exploitation by governments engaged in espionage because they provide a quick, all-in-one means to acquire sensitive data from precisely chosen targets
  • Mobile phones today offer access to user location, contacts, email, texts, and instant messaging, as well as encrypted communication applications and business files
  • Mobile devices also often bridge the gap between a target’s professional and personal lives

Mobile Security in 2019 and Beyond

2019 Mobile Attack Trends

In 2019, BlackBerry observed an increase of customer-commissioned testing that focused specifically on three attack strategies, including:

  • Reverse engineering to identify unknown application development vulnerabilities
  •  Bypassing or breaking application integrity protection
  •  Jailbreak and root detection hiding or masking

An attacker with the right skills and adequate time can usually discover creative ways to bypass security controls.

2020 Mobile Predictions

BlackBerry found that state-sponsored advanced persistent threat (APT) groups are exploiting mobile devices with impunity to surveil:

  • Specific people of interest 
  • Traditional foreign intelligence 
  • Economic espionage targets

As public awareness of these attacks increases, we expect to see significant investments from enterprises and governments in mobile threat detection and response.

For more information on the scale and scope of mobile malware that is in-use by state or state-sponsored APT groups, download our Mobile Malware report.

Download the BlackBerry 2020 Threat Report

Download the BlackBerry 2020 Threat Report

For more information on the overall mobile security landscape, its implications for IOT and even enterprise security as well as other mobile security topics, download the full BlackBerry® 2020 Threat Report.

Want to learn more about the cross-platform APT espionage attacks that targeted mobile devices while remaining undetected for nearly a decade? Download our Decade of the RATs: Cross-Platform APT Espionage Attacks Targeting Linux, Windows and Android research report.

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