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Why Develop for BlackBerry?

Reach an audience of over 79 million BlackBerry users.

Imagine having the opportunity to reach millions of users and developing apps that can push immediate updates to your users. These are just some of the benefits of creating applications for BlackBerry smartphones and tablets.

BlackBerry Keys Order Form

For BlackBerry NDK, AIR, and Android app developers
- If you're developing apps using the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK, AIR, and Android you can also request your BlackBerry ID token from the Deployment Setup Wizard in the BlackBerry Momentics IDE.
- Make sure you have the latest development tools available for your platform:
      * Native SDK   * AIR tools   * Android tools   * PlayBook

About NFC
Only applications which require access to the secure element and the related secure element APIs have to be signed by the NFCR and/or RESE signing keys.

If you are interested in developing applications for Blackberry devices that utilize Reader/Writer or Peer-to-Peer NFC modes, and do not require secure element access, you will only need to sign these applications using the standard Code Signing Keys.

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology on the BlackBerry® device can be used to transmit and store sensitive information that could include credit card data, ID or physical access credentials. Due to the sensitive nature of this information BlackBerry has chosen to protect certain NFC APIs with code signing keys:

- Near Field Communication BlackBerry
- BlackBerry Embedded Secure Element (RESE)
For BlackBerry PlayBook apps or BlackBerry 10 apps developing using a 10.1 or lower SDK or BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK below 2.0.
For BlackBerry OS 7.x and lower
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Personal Information

Registration PIN

Your PIN can be any 6-10 digit, lowercase, alphanumeric code. Your PIN protects against usage of your Code Signing Keys by unauthorized parties, so keep it safe. BlackBerry reserves the right to request that you choose another PIN if deemed unsuitable.

I have read and agree to the BlackBerry SDK License Agreement
You should receive your BlackBerry Code Signing Keys within an hour. If you do not receive your Code Signing Key email within an hour please be sure to check your junk mail folder as your security settings could filter this out.