Moving Beyond MobileIron

The future is UEM, not MDM

Simply managing devices is no longer enough—in order to truly enable employee productivity on any device, you need a modern, unified platform. BlackBerry® UEM is designed to be extensible with demonstrated management and enablement for the Enterprise of Things. MobileIron’s portfolio, on the other hand, is focused on mobility management. It falls short of BlackBerry’s leading secure productivity tools for users inside and outside your enterprise.

Four powerful reasons to migrate from MobileIron to BlackBerry

Is your MDM solution holding you back? Innovative businesses are going beyond MDM by making the move to BlackBerry UEM. They’re leveraging IoT to create workflows that will transform business processes and create new business models. Hyperconnected “things”, or the Enterprise of Things (EoT) are at the core of this digital transformation.

BlackBerry is trusted by the world’s most secure organizations to secure and enable EoT.

Support for Native Microsoft Mobile Apps

MobileIron does not enable, manage or secure mobile workflows with native Microsoft apps. BlackBerry® Enterprise BRIDGE provides the only highly secure option for seamlessly using native Microsoft® mobile apps including Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Word, and Excel® from BlackBerry® Dynamics apps such as BlackBerry® Work.

Enabling the Future of BYO

BlackBerry enables deployment and management of intelligent devices not owned by the organization. Move beyond just cost savings to realize the benefits of one platform to deliver a consistent experience across all devices with BlackBerry UEM.

Building out the Enterprise of Things

BlackBerry invests in software, services and support to securely enable the enterprise of things.

BlackBerry UEM is architected to manage current and future IoT endpoints, securing productivity and collaboration across all devices.

Financial Strength

BlackBerry shows strong growth and balance sheets across all software lines of business, and continues to expand and grow our customer base, channel partners and technology partners.

It’s time to expand your strategy with UEM

This isn’t just a migration–it’s an upgrade. With the BlackBerry enterprise portfolio, you'll get more features, more choice and more support. Need help? BlackBerry provides the knowledge and services to migrate and consolidate your endpoint strategy onto BlackBerry UEM with BlackBerry® Enterprise Consulting and our rich partner community.

Upgrade to BlackBerry Secure 

The most secure BYOD offering

BlackBerry integrates security at every level across our apps and services. This gives you the flexibility to deploy apps together or individually, without sacrificing security or employee privacy.

Content Collaboration Platform (CCP)

BlackBerry offers a highly secure CCP, with Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection embedded in every file. You can track and manage user permissions even after a file has left your firewall.

Networked crisis communication

Unify crisis communications to stay resilient during a crisis. Account for the people you care about, collect information from the field and connect with other organizations.

Support when and where you need it

BlackBerry provides support for all customers, with 24x7 follow-the-sun support available. Tailor your service to the level of assistance, expertise and resolution time your business requires.

How can the BlackBerry portfolio help your business?

Manage all your endpoints with BlackBerry UEM on premise or in the cloud. Find out how to get one year free with BlackBerry when migrating from MobileIron.