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What is endpoint security?

Endpoint security focuses on protecting an organization’s network against cyberattacks by securing its endpoints—including employees’ connected computers, smartphones and even smart watches. Endpoint security protects business systems, intellectual property (IP), customer data and employees’ devices from ransomware, malware, phishing and other cyberthreats.

Because endpoints serve as users’ points of access to an organization’s network, they are also potential entry points for malicious actors. Endpoint security ensures the network is protected against compromise and data theft—even if an employee’s device is lost or stolen.

Endpoint security includes cybersecurity solutions such as endpoint protection (EPP)endpoint detection and response (EDR)mobile threat defense (MTD)identity access management (IAM), extended detection and response (XDR) as well as antivirus and firewall services.

Endpoint Security Features

Endpoint security should protect all end users’ devices from cyberthreats. Any connected device or system that provides access to an enterprise’s network can be a potential point of entry for a cyberattack. An endpoint security solution should include:

  • Continuous monitoring, ideally powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) including machine learning, to analyze files and block malware before it executes—whether the endpoint is online or offline
  • Protection against email-based cyberthreats via scanning and quarantining of emails containing potentially dangerous links and attachments
  • Centralized device management with control over which and how devices can access, download and upload data
  • Protection against malicious downloads from the web
  • Anti-exploit protection against zero-day vulnerabilities and memory-based cyberattacks
  • Behavioral monitoring with machine learning capabilities to authenticate authorized users and block bad actors
  • Data loss protection and remediation to prevent unintentional or intentional loss of data in the event of a cyberattack
  • Third-party software integrations to work with an enterprise’s technology stack, including complementary security solutions and tools
  • Dashboards, reports and alerts with prioritized warnings of vulnerabilities
  • Automated incident response including rapid detection, investigation and remediation

Endpoint Security Solutions

The BlackBerry® Cyber Suite is a comprehensive endpoint security solution that effectively prevents breaches and safeguards against sophisticated threats with advanced AI. Blackberry Cyber Suite natively integrates with BlackBerry UEM and can also work seamlessly with any UEM solution.