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BlackBerry® Enterprise Mobility Suite - Application Edition builds on the Enterprise, Management and Collaboration Editions by adding the developer tools and custom app deployments you need as your Mobility program matures. It offers development tools to add security, mobility and platform features to custom apps, regardless of how your developers build apps.

As with all other Editions, it has user-based licensing for the best value.    

Custom App Development Framework & Analytics

Application Edition offers a wide set of SDKs for different platforms so developers can use any tool or methodology. Pre-built mobile functionality includes:

  • Identity & Access Management APIs
  • Secure Communications APIs
  • Secure Storage APIs
  • Secure Inter-app Communications APIs
  • Directory Lookup APIs
  • Push Notifications APIs
  • File and Data Transfer APIs
  • App Deployment & Lifecycle Management
  • App-Level Policy Controls
  • Single Sign-On & Multi-factor Authentication
  • DR/HA Services    

Many organizations use different forms of two-factor authentication, so an app needs to support each one.

With the BlackBerry® Dynamics Platform, developers don’t need to understand IT policies in order to conform to them. Once a corporate authentication policy is defined (e.g. two-factor), all apps use a Trusted Authentication Framework to conform to the policy.

  • Supports smart cards, OTP, biometrics, tokens and more
  • SO across multiple apps with auth delegation
  • No special design or coding required

The built-in BlackBerry® Analytics tracks app metrics such as daily and monthly usage, time-of-day usage, device type usage and daily new users. Engagement is tracked by feature (email, calendar, contacts, docs) so you know which tools your users are using the most.

BlackBerry Products Included in Application Edition

The following BlackBerry products are available in BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite – Application Edition:

BlackBerry UEM Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry UEM
BlackBerry Access Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry Access
BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE

*Available as an add-on that requires a separate purchase

Enterprise Identity Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
BlackBerry 2FA Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry 2FA

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Management Edition

UEM, Secure Browser, Native Email

Enterprise Edition

Management Edition +
Secure Email/PIM, Secure Browser

Collaboration Edition

Enterprise Edition +
Files & Message Collaboration, ISV Applications, Identity & Access

Application Edition

Collaboration Edition +
SDK, Custom Internal Applications

Content Edition

Application Edition +
BlackBerry Workspaces for Content Collaboration