BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Security

AI-driven cybersecurity that works smarter, not harder.

Protect your organization with a modern unified endpoint security (UES) solution. Our end-to-end approach to cybersecurity is deeply rooted in Cylance® artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), providing enhanced visibility and protection against current and future cyberthreats.
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Endpoint Management

BlackBerry® UEM

Unified endpoint management for stronger endpoint protection and response across all devices.

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Threat Detection and Hunting

BlackBerry® Optics

Extends the threat prevention delivered by BlackBerry Protect using AI to identify and prevent widespread security incidents.

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Mobile Protection

BlackBerry® Protect

An AI-based endpoint security solution that stops malware—no human intervention, cloud connections, signatures, heuristics or sandboxes required.

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Critical Event Management

BlackBerry® Alert and BlackBerry® AtHoc®

A secure emergency notification system with incident response tools, enabling you to better prepare for and respond to critical events.

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Desktop Protection

BlackBerry® Protect

Uses the power of machines, not humans, to dissect malware DNA. AI then determines if the code is safe to run.

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Behavior and Risk Analytics

BlackBerry® Persona

Uses machine learning and predictive AI for user behavior analytics to dynamically adapt security policies based on risk tolerance.

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Network Access

BlackBerry® Gateway

Zero Trust network access providing greater security controls while improving the user experience for a distributed workforce.

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Cylance AI

AI proven 99 percent effective in preventing cyberthreats before they become global incidents—predicting malware an average of 25 months prior to appearing online.

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security Services

Our team of experts, ready to help you handle whatever cybersecurity challenges you face—no matter your situation.

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PREPARE, PREVENT, DETECT AND RESPOND with the BlackBerry Cybersecurity Platform

BlackBerry can protect your business by reducing risk and lowering TCO. Learn how our AI-powered cybersecurity solutions can help you secure your network across the cyberattack chain.
BlackBerry Cyber Solutions vs. Others

BlackBerry Cyber Solutions vs. Others

The BlackBerry cybersecurity portfolio of products and services are the most comprehensive end-to-end solutions in the industry. See how they compare to offerings from other vendors.

BlackBerry Cybersecurity Portfolio

BlackBerry Protect
AI-based endpoint protection platform (EPP) that prevents breaches and provides added controls to ward off sophisticated cyberthreats even without human intervention.
BlackBerry Optics
AI-driven endpoint detection and response (EDR) that works with BlackBerry Protect to keep you ahead of cyberattackers and your business secure—even when devices are offline.
BlackBerry Persona
Our endpoint user and entry behavior analytics (UEBA) solution that uses predictive AI to dynamically adapt security policy in real time based on user location, device and other factors.
BlackBerry Gateway
Our AI-driven Zero Trust network access (ZTNA) solution that protects your systems and data while providing easy access to SaaS and on-prem apps for your hybrid workforce.
BlackBerry Guard
Our subscription-based managed detection and response (MDR) cybersecurity service that leverages AI and 24x7 support of world-class incident response and prevention experts.
BlackBerry Alert
Helps organizations prepare for, respond to and recover from disruptive events. Whether dealing with an operational disruption, cyberattack, network outage, pandemic or natural disaster,  get clear and timely information to your people.

Industry Validation & Awards

The 2021 Security 100
One of the 20 Coolest Endpoint and Managed Security Companies of 2021 for excellent attack protection, neutralization and recovery. 
IT Solutions Excellence Recognition Program
BlackBerry Protect and BlackBerry Optics recognized as high-efficiency technology business solutions with outstanding performance. 
2020 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards
Received awards in the Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company and Cybersecurity Excellence categories.
Infosec Awards For 2020
Wins at the 2020 Infosec Awards for Cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence and Security Company of the Year.
Download the Blackberry Guide to Cyber Threat Intelligence for Free

Download the Blackberry Guide to Cyber Threat Intelligence for Free

Our ebook Finding Beacons in the Dark: A Guide to Cyber Threat Intelligence is the most comprehensive collection of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) focused on Cobalt Strike team servers ever produced. Download your free copy today.

BlackBerry Spark® Suite – UEM & UES

For comprehensive unified endpoint management and security, BlackBerry® Spark® Unified Endpoint Management Suite plus BlackBerry® Cyber Unified Endpoint Security offer complete protection.

BlackBerry® Cyber Suite – UES

Our AI-driven security endpoint solution proactively delivers protection, detection and response, integrated mobile threat defense, continuous authentication and adaptive risk scoring.

See how BlackBerry will work for you.


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