Management of BlackBerry 10 Devices

Meet Regulated Industry and High-Security Mobility Requirements

Ensure Full Data Protection and Industry Compliance

Government agencies and enterprises in highly regulated sectors, such as financial services and healthcare, commonly face data security and compliance requirements beyond those of a typical organization.

Where a high degree of granular mobile device and policy control is required, and for organizations where corporate-only use policies are in place, BlackBerry® 10 devices and BlackBerry® UEM combine to provide the ultimate management solution for high-security mobility.

Secure and Manage BlackBerry 10 Devices

BlackBerry UEM enables organizations to secure and manage BlackBerry 10 devices and provide seamless access to essential work resources, meeting the business productivity needs of even the most demanding environments. With BlackBerry UEM, administrators can choose from multiple activation types in order to establish the appropriate level of IT control.

  • Easily enroll and manage BlackBerry 10 devices with granular control over device features.
  • Configure devices to connect to work resources via email, Wi-Fi®, VPN and certificate profiles.
  • Utilize a rich set of IT policy options to enforce compliance with enterprise standards.
  • Manage BlackBerry 10 from a single, unified console alongside all of your other platforms.

Separate Work and Personal Activity

There are a number of options for managing BlackBerry 10 devices, depending on security requirements. With BlackBerry UEM, a Personal Space can be enabled on BlackBerry 10 devices through BlackBerry Balance, which allows users to make the most of their device for personal use while the enterprise retains full control of work content, protected within the encrypted Work Space.

  • Selectively wipe business data from the device while leaving personal information untouched.
  • Prevent data leakage that could result from accidentally copying work data into personal apps.
  • Extend secure behind-the-firewall connectivity for BlackBerry 10 devices via BlackBerry Connectivity.

Ensure Full Regulatory Compliance

For regulated industry environments, where enforcing strict compliance controls is a critical requirement, BlackBerry UEM and BlackBerry 10 combine to offer a unique end-to-end mobility proposition. With unmatched control over device functionality, BlackBerry delivers the full range of capabilities needed to ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Enable a corporate-only use model where required, restricting all personal device usage.
  • Meet auditing requirements with comprehensive BlackBerry 10 device logging.
  • Utilize best-in-class security for regulated environments, including FIPS 140-2 certification.