Smart Glasses Managed by BlackBerry

Enable and Secure Smart Glasses in the Enterprise

Securing Your Enterprise of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging as one of the most significant developments of our time. The Enterprise of Things is the range of IoT devices connecting to the enterprise that need to be secured, managed, and enabled by IT. These connected endpoints extend beyond laptops, smartphones and tablets to drive new levels of business transformation in the enterprise.

Smart glasses represent a new class of enterprise devices that are appearing in the workplace, requiring new levels of security and support. BlackBerry® Unified Endpoint Manager (BlackBerry® UEM) is software that gives you complete management, control, and enablement capabilities for this growing number and range of connected devices.

Deployment and Provisioning of Smart Glasses

Wearable devices such as smart glasses allow workers to remain securely connected in hands-free environments, maximizing uptime and accelerating task completion.

As more wearable devices are used in the enterprise, BlackBerry UEM allows IT to support secure deployment and provisioning. IT can apply a consistent set of productivity applications and corporate policies, as well as commands such as locking, unlocking, and wiping of the smart glasses.

Managing Smart Glasses

  • Secure enrollment - Enroll device in “Work only” mode

  • Policy and profile assignment – Define network setting, enforce encryption

  • IT actions – Lock, unlock, and wipe device

  • Compliance – Require software updates

  • App management and deployment – Provision with third party apps

  • Geo location – Locate and apply policies based on location

  • Single user / multiple devices – Manage varying deployment options

  • Flexible group-based assignments - Leverage existing UEM groups and assigned policies

  • BlackBerry connectivity – Connect smart glasses to the BlackBerry secure network

  • Dynamics platform – Deploy BlackBerry container technology

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