BlackBerry Analytics

App lifecycle management for the enterprise

Access Business Intelligence for your Apps

App adoption continues to be top priority for enterprises as a means to drive workflow automation. While a Unified Endpoint Management platform can ensure mobile app deployment and management adheres to an organization’s security standards, understanding app adoption and usage metrics is key to aligning IT and development resources.

BlackBerry® Analytics enables you to take control of your app deployments and make data driven decisions about app lifecycles — all from a single cloud-based console. It’s a part of the BlackBerry® Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform1, enabling organizations and developers to monitor BlackBerry Dynamics apps activity and create a full lifecycle management process for deployed apps. Gain key insights into enterprise activity to make better business decisions and increase ROI.

Tracking for Key Engagement Metrics

With event-based analytics, you can track app metrics from a secure web portal in BlackBerry Analytics:

  • Daily and monthly active users

  • Daily minutes used

  • Usage by OS type and version

  • Geographic distribution of users

  • User engagement by feature

  • Diagnostic metrics such as daily crash counts

  • Custom metrics

BlackBerry Analytics tracks app activity for all enterprise apps, including the suite of BlackBerry Dynamics Apps (such as BlackBerry® Work), ISV apps, custom apps built on the BlackBerry Dynamics platform, and non-BlackBerry Dynamics apps.

All data can be exported from the portal to a CSV file to support further trend analysis.

Operational Efficiencies for IT Management

With line of sight into end-user experience and performance by app, IT can monitor emerging trends to get a deeper understanding of user activity. With these analytics, enterprises can make more informed decisions to drive operational efficiencies and increase business agility, such as modifying UX flow, modifying training, altering maintenance schedules, enhancing load balancing management, and accelerating strategic app adoption.

Strategic Insights for Developers

With a real-time view into app usage metrics, developers can gain key insights to help optimize development resources. By identifying internal activity, diagnostic, and troubleshooting trends, developers can build custom apps to best support their users. Development efforts can be expended on specific platforms, end-points, or OS versions of apps with the highest engagement.

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  1. BlackBerry Analytics is included in the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite – Application Edition and Content Edition. Additional fees may be required for use with Management Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Collaboration Edition.