BlackBerry AtHoc Networked Crisis Communication

Enabling Communication and Collaboration in Times of Crisis

Making the World Safer

As a FedRAMP-authorized emergency mass communication solution, BlackBerry® AtHoc is the trusted platform for the US Government and many complex enterprises around the globe.

BlackBerry AtHoc unifies crisis communication to connect people, devices, and external organizations, giving leaders the information they need to make critical safety decisions.


Gain real-time visibility into your personnel safety and status.


Send emergency mass notifications to anyone, anywhere, on any device.


Communicate and collaborate with other organizations.


Gather critical information from your people for situational awareness.

Industry Focus

BlackBerry AtHoc is uniquely positioned to offer a crisis communication solution tailored to a variety of industry needs.

BlackBerry AtHoc protects 70% of US Federal Government employees. It helps meet specific government requirements and enables communication to bridge all government and commercial entities.

BlackBerry AtHoc is a life-safety solution that unifies communication to protect commercial and industrial facilities.

BlackBerry AtHoc transforms healthcare organizations' IP networks into powerful critical communication systems.

BlackBerry AtHoc enables collaboration with hundreds of organizations, creating customized crisis communication networks.

A Secure Platform for Protection

BlackBerry AtHoc safeguards millions of people in thousands of organizations around the globe, with an emergency notification system that offers a whole new level of protection for your people.


BlackBerry AtHoc security is seamless, powerful and industry-leading. In fact, AtHoc was awarded the Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technology (SAFETY) Act designation by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)


BlackBerry AtHoc integrates with your legacy systems to preserve existing investment and, most importantly, ensure seamless crisis response. This includes personal and mass devices, enterprise networks, public and social feeds and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.


Emergencies aren’t confined to headquarters. With BlackBerry AtHoc networked crisis communication, first responders and personnel can use the mobile app to speed response to the crisis, send alerts, get actionable information and send field reports.


BlackBerry AtHoc offers a variety of architecture options—on-premise, cloud-only or a patented hybrid configuration. A hybrid deployment balances the economic benefits of cloud-based computing without the risk of exposing sensitive information outside your firewall.

Real-Time Visibility of Personnel Safety

Account for 100% of your people to achieve operational resiliency. AtHoc Account enables real-time visibility into personnel location and status for effective crisis handling and response.

  • Request status from select groups, or the entire populace.

  • Account for people post emergencies, with a detailed report of each alert recipient.

  • Enable unsolicited status and location reports from users.

  • Compile details from multiple sources, including individuals, call centers and people responding on behalf of others.

  • Department of Homeland Security: DHS Directive 008-04

  • ISO 22301 and other business resilience standards

  • Safety law emergency plans under OSHA and Canada's equivalent

  • Department of Defense: DoDI 3001.02

Emergency Mass Notification

AtHoc Alert unifies all communication modalities to alert everyone you care about with a single click. Using a single web-based console or smartphone/tablet, emergency managers can provide two-way communication across the entire enterprise or community to virtually any device with real-time speed and assured reach.

  • Expedite your communication with pre-configured templates and custom fields.

  • Streamline alerts with geolocation targeting and teleconferencing.

  • Attach evacuation routes and relevant data where needed.

  • Integrate across social media, sirens, mobile app, computers, SMS, two-way radios, PA systems and wearable devices.

Communicate & Collaborate

Emergencies, even small ones, do not happen in isolation. AtHoc Connect bridges the communication gap between organizations during these events.

  • Seamlessly connect with other organizations, agencies and the public in real-time during crises.

  • Eliminate the need to manage contacts for external organizations.

  • Be confident your communications have reached connected organizations.

Situational Awareness

AtHoc Collect empowers you to gain greater awareness and make better decisions by enabling your field personnel to be the eyes and ears of the operations center. For the first time, an operation center can see what is happening at the incident scene, enabling rapid mobilization for an effective response.

  • Report events or observations from the field with rich media.

  • Initiate a request for immediate help with a discreet one-click duress report

  • Route incoming events to appropriate teams by applying business rules.

  • Activate location tracking and share with a user’s team or the operation center.

  • Display events over a map, along with detailed information about source, type and contact.

Trusted by Government

Federal agencies trust BlackBerry to meet their secure communication needs. In fact, more US Federal Government agencies use BlackBerry AtHoc to help protect their people than any other crisis communication solution. BlackBerry AtHoc helps keep millions safe, including more than 70% of all Federal employees.

Join agencies like the Department of Treasury, Department of Energy, and FAA in their shift to BlackBerry AtHoc's FedRAMP authorized cloud services for government and protect your people.