BlackBerry Gateway

Zero Trust Network Access to Secure Your Systems and Data.

Our BlackBerry® Gateway AI-driven security proactively protects your systems and data with a privacy-friendly Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution. This multi-tenant, high-performing cloud-native solution gives easy, scalable access to SaaS and on-prem apps for your distributed workforce without a VPN.
AI-Driven Security Empowers ZTNA AI-Driven Security Empowers ZTNA AI-Driven Security Empowers ZTNA
AI-Driven Security Empowers ZTNA
Now you can enable ZTNA to all major SaaS and on-prem apps from anywhere. By integrating BlackBerry Gateway with BlackBerry® endpoint security, you’re ensured that only healthy devices can access your enterprise apps.
Optimize Remote Workers Optimize Remote Workers Optimize Remote Workers
Optimize Remote Workers
The BlackBerry Gateway one-click work mode enablement and split tunnel capabilities make BYOD and WFH deployment easy. So do the flexible and customizable rules, applicable only to enterprise apps.
Cloud AI Cloud AI Cloud AI
Cloud AI
Now you can provide risk-based adaptive network access policy controls at the app level. And our cloud AI services power network anomaly detection—without network packet decryption.

How do we use Cloud-AI to assess risk in the Network?

How do we use Cloud-AI to assess risk in the Network?

Why Choose BlackBerry® Gateway

One-Click Configuration
Easy connections for SaaS and on-premises apps. Gateway is built on a robust TCP/IP stack in full-tunnel and split-tunnel access modes.
Reduced Network Risk
Prevent unauthorized users from accessing your network with source IP pinning technology. Restrict access to malicious sites using IP reputation technology. 
Power of the Cybersecurity Platform
Native integration with endpoint security solution enabling network access from healthy devices only.

BlackBerry® Gateway Use Cases

AI-Empowered ZTNA
Secure network communication from managed and unmanaged devices, protecting your network by eliminating inbound connections from untrusted devices or networks.
Dynamic Network Access Controls
Network access controls modulated with real-time network risk score based on user or group behavior analytics
AI-Empowered Network Threat Detection
Network risk scoring based on user access pattern analysis with network access control policy adjustments based on risk scores and automatic risk reduction via Duo.
Source IP Pinning
Secure remote connections for conditional access to Microsoft 365™ based on source IP information without taxing internal networks.
One-Click Configuration for Microsoft 365™ and SaaS Apps
Configurable access for supported apps with automatic risk reduction via Duo.
Customizable Dashboards
SecOps views for traffic patterns, compromises and alerts. NetOps views for connector status, access histories and top destinations. 

BlackBerry Gateway Dashboard View

BlackBerry Gateway Dashboard View

BlackBerry® Guard – MDR

24/7/365 proactive monitoring; intelligence-based threat hunting; automated, rapid response; threat intelligence overlay; and more.

BlackBerry Spark® Suite – UEM & UES

For comprehensive unified endpoint management and security, BlackBerry® Spark® Unified Endpoint Management Suite plus BlackBerry® Cyber Unified Endpoint Security offer complete protection. 

BlackBerry® Cyber Suite – UES

Our AI-driven security endpoint solution proactively delivers protection, detection and response, integrated mobile threat defense, continuous authentication and adaptive risk scoring.

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