BlackBerry Secure Licensing for Smartphone Manufacturers

Complement Your Brand with the Security Customers Trust

Comprehensive Mobile Native Approach to Security

BlackBerry® invented much of what the smartphone is today and built one of the world’s most recognized and trusted brands. With a history of producing the most secure Android™ smartphones, BlackBerry is trusted by thousands of companies and governments around the world to securely enable business on mobile. Now smartphone manufacturers can embed the renowned BlackBerry security features into their own devices.

BlackBerry® Secure can provide your users with a proven, trusted and cost-effective security-licensed solution that addresses the evolving security and privacy needs of organizations and end users alike.

Consumer Trust Above All Else

With high-profile data breaches and reports of smartphone security flaws, it’s no surprise consumers are increasingly worried about privacy and security. Successful mobile devices in this new landscape will be the ones consumers feel they can trust, and which are offered by brands that demonstrate the importance of customer security. By providing products that safeguard users’ data, you can prove your accountability and create long-term brand trust.

Increased Privacy and Security Awareness

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has given brands the unique opportunity to demonstrate the importance of customer security. By providing connected products that safeguard customer data, you can prove your accountability and create long-term brand trust.

The BlackBerry Secure Advantage for Smartphones

Secure Production

The BlackBerry Secure Integrated Manufacturing Service (BSIMS) provides a secure development and manufacturing environment for the production of smartphones that are BlackBerry Secure.

Layered Security Architecture

With BlackBerry Secure, security is built into every layer of the device, resulting in a multi-layered defense approach to protect from rooting and malware. It provides maximum proactive protection against attempts to attack the device.

Preloaded Apps

BlackBerry Secure includes smartphone apps that provide the end user with visibility into the status of their own privacy and data protection, and tools to proactively prevent intrusions.

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