Flatbed and Chassis Tracking by BlackBerry Radar

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Understand and Optimize Your Fleet Usage with Low Maintenance, Scalable Chassis Monitoring  

Managing chassis fleets is challenging. By understanding where your chassis and how they are being utilized you can optimize your operations and decrease wasted time. Improve control of your chassis fleet with information at your fingertips with BlackBerry Radar®. 

  • <10-minute installation
  • Ruggedized, long-lasting and low maintenance devices
  • Location, mileage, start/stop and container on/off, and more from one device
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Wheels and chassis on orange frame of long commercial semi truck trailer mounted with a ribbed container for transport of dry industrial goods over long distances freights.

Improve Fleet Utilization

Get Started Quickly with 10-Minute Installations

Various device placement locations so you can install even with containers on.

Know if Your Equipment is Loaded or Unloaded

With no additional sensors, know the load status of your assets.

Manage Assets and Asset Pools Effectively

Real-time visibility and accounting of your assets.

Manage Maintenance Costs Based on Mileage

Accurate mileage and trip reporting.

Dashboards & Reporting

  • Easy yard check, fleet utilization, dwell & detention reports. 
  • Quickly identify and locate loaded and unloaded chassis and flatbeds in the BlackBerry Radar portal.


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